“From sea to shining sea” means something special in the United States and we’ve got a long list of beautiful shorelines to explore. From the northwest to the southeast, yachting enthusiasts have many options to choose from that can keep sailors busy for a lifetime.

- Seattle, Washington is a watery haven thick with opportunities for boaters to take in breathtaking mountain views, vibrant local culture, and even join organized regattas to crank up the challenge and excitement.

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How To Buy A Yacht

May 24th, 2013

Choosing a new yacht is a big decision. You want to get the most for your money, so it is important to research carefully before you buy a yacht.
Before you begin shopping, make a list of your needs and wants. On this wish list, you can make two columns. First, list the items that are non-negotiable. These are features that you are not willing to compromise on for your yacht. Next, make a list of features that you would like, but you can live without.
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Docking a yacht can be a complicated process and should not be attempted unless you have proper training and you know how your boat behaves under certain conditions. Docking without prior training will likely result in a large amount of damage being done to both your yacht and the dock itself.

Coming into Your Slip

Once you can see your boat slip, slow down as much as possible. Make sure you have just enough speed to steer the boat correctly. If you are coming in too fast, slow down and reverse the boat immediately.

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If you want your yacht to look as good at the end of the season as it does the first time you slip it into the water in the spring, protecting its gelcoat should be near the top of your maintenance list. Made of pigmented resin, the gelcoat forms the outer layer of the fiberglass hull and is the only thing that stands between your boat’s glossy color and finish and Mother Nature. You can safeguard the finish on a yacht from the harsh effects of rain, salt spray, moisture and penetrating ultra-violet rays through use of cleaners and protectants Read the rest of this entry »


Keeping out of harm’s way while boating largely involves having a good dose of common sense. It is important to operate the boat with caution at all times and be respectful of others who are also boating in the area. This is directly related to safety, as operating a boat in a reckless manner can cause injury not only to you, but to other people who are using the same waters as you. In addition, your boat needs to be in good condition Read the rest of this entry »


One person’s dinghy is another person’s yacht. Indeed, the qualifications for yacht-status depend on the person you ask. Typically, most people think of a yacht as a large and very expensive luxury boat that is a status symbol and mostly recreational. Yachts are powered either by a motor or by sails, and they are at least 50 feet in length. However, the world’s largest super yachts run from 300 feet long to well over 500 feet from bow to aft.

Super yachts may have as many as eight floors and contain everything a person could possibly Read the rest of this entry »